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Why Work With an Eldercare Consultant?

Why Work With an Eldercare Consultant? Would you go to court without an attorney? Into surgery without a good surgeon? Purchase a home without a realtor? Exploring the vast world of long term care and senior housing options can be equally overwhelming. The right Eldercare Consultant can educate, guide, protect, and simplify your search – providing you with the right options for you or your loved one’s unique needs. In Washington State Eldercare Consultants may be called by many names: Eldercare Consultant, Senior Advisor, Referral Agent, and Placement Agent are a few. Reputable agents understand their responsibilities and legal requirements
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Dehydration in the Elderly

We are all well aware of the importance of drinking enough water, but this is extremely important for our senior population. Dehydration in the elderly population is a widespread problem. It is a common cause for hospital stays among seniors and it can be deadly. Fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to prevent it. By learning to recognize the symptoms and implementing solutions, you can be proactive in keeping your loved one hydrated. A person becomes dehydrated when their body has lost fluid and too many electrolytes. Electrolytes are mineral compounds that the body uses to keep
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Alzheimer’s-the Thief That Robs the Mind

On the morning of March 9th I attended a benefit breakfast for the Alzheimer’s Association. The guest speakers were a couple by the name of Joel and Nancy Johnson. Nancy told her story of hope and how she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 52 years old. Not only was her story heartbreaking, but it was also inspiring. For her to stand before a large crowd at the Tacoma Hotel Murano describing to the group about the day her neurologist told her she had early onset Alzheimer’s disease was in my heart and mind such a heroic thing
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The Mystery of Medication Management

In this day and age of modern medicine, it is uncommon to encounter senior citizens who aren’t taking daily medications. In fact, nearly half of senior citizens take 5 or more different medications regularly. Unfortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 55% of seniors do not take their medication as directed. This can have dangerous and sometimes deadly consequences. Here are some of the common issues that impact medication management and how to address them. Hearing Difficulties / Lack of clear Instruction: I don’t know about you, but when I go to the doctor it sometimes feels
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