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The Mystery of Medication Management

In this day and age of modern medicine, it is uncommon to encounter senior citizens who aren’t taking daily medications. In fact, nearly half of senior citizens take 5 or more different medications regularly. Unfortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 55% of seniors do not take their medication as directed. This can have dangerous and sometimes deadly consequences. Here are some of the common issues that impact medication management and how to address them. Hearing Difficulties / Lack of clear Instruction: I don’t know about you, but when I go to the doctor it sometimes feels
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When it’s no longer safe to drive

Do you remember when you first earned your driver’s license?  For most of us it signified much more than being able to operate a vehicle – it gave us a sense of independence and freedom!  It is then understandable that a person would experience loss and even fear or grief at the thought of losing that freedom.   If you have concerns about your loved one’s driving abilities the first step is to have a respectful conversation with them.  Be aware that this may be a sensitive issue, but also be firm if you have genuine concern.  Safety for themselves
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