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Are you, or someone you love, in need of short or long term care option?  

Trying to find a short or long term care option, on your own is like trying to find the right real estate property without the help of a really good real estate agent. Most people call the Professionals.

There are 3 primary ways of identifying the right “care” option for you:

  1. Utilize our FREE Eldercare consulting services by contacting us via telephone or by filling out the form to the right. We can assist you through the entire process at NO cost to you.
  2. You can search online for local listings of the properties in your area.
  3. You can call a specific property directly.

There are many specific questions you could and should ask about each property to make certain the particular property is right for you.

Please Note: If you call one property directly you are not getting an unbiased opinion on that property.  On a decision as important as short or long term care, you should look at a number of options that could be right for you.  If you search all properties within a specific radius, you can get quickly overwhelmed with all the options available. Many of those options may not be right for your situation.

At Graham & Graham, we understand the importance of getting it right. We bring over 36 years of combined experience to the process of finding the right long term care option for Seniors and their families. Our team of outstanding Eldercare Consultants are committed to providing seniors and their families with options that make sense – options based on specific medical and care needs, financial situations, as well as personal desires and preferences.

We will answer all of your questions in detail. We will explain the costs, how care is paid for and inform you of what type of financial resources that may be available.  We can narrow your search from potentially hundreds of care options, to those that make the most sense for your personal situation.

We provide education, community resources, and specific care options to seniors and their families for the following:

  • Assisted Living
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Memory Care
  • In-Home Care
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Medicare/Medicaid Benefits
  • VA benefits – Available to most who served in the military during a period of war time, at least 65 or older, or their widowed spouse.
Please let the professionals at Graham and Graham help you gather the facts and arrive at a decision that fits your personal situation.

Our service is always free to Seniors and their Families as we are funded by the Senior Housing Industry.

Founders: Jerry & Michelle Graham

The Grahams and their outstanding team of Eldercare Consultants are committed to providing seniors and their families with options that make sense – options based on specific medical and care needs, financial situations, as well as personal desires and preferences….read more.

Graham & Graham Eldercare Consultants LLC, ElderlySenior Specialty Services, Tacoma, WA

Helping Families is not just or job, it’s our mission

“Never a Fee
Compensation is by the senior care industry

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Finding Graham & Graham to help me find a home for my mother was a blessing and working with Jerry Graham was a delight. Jerry is professional and competent – he seriously knows his business and, he knows the area. I also noted as we went to many different places that Jerry is kind and gentle man with a lot of heart and a great sense of humor. I felt very comfortable trusting his assistance in finding a safe and lovely home for my Mom – which we did! Thank you Jerry!

Cheri Brazwell

I cannot say enough nice things about you. You have amazing turnaround times!!!!! You place super hard people quickly and carefully! You are kind and friendly!!!!! You have done welfare checks on people when needed. I cannot believe more people are not using you!!! -Cathleen, hospital care coordinator


My dad is so much better…he is happy, calm, alert and healthy. I honestly haven’t seen him like this for years and years…Thanks again for everything… You have been such a blessing to me and my family. I am so appreciative of all you have done for us!


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