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Disclosure Statement

License: 603 261 405

Graham & Graham LLC is an Eldercare Referral Agency, subject to the provisions of the Washington State “Elder and Vulnerable Adult Referral Agency Act”.

We do not make verbal or written requirements for older or vulnerable adults or their legal representatives to work exclusively with our agency. We do not charge a cancellation or any other fees to our clients or legal representative, if the client or legal representative chooses to sever the relationship with our agency. A client may, without cause, stop using our agency or switch to another agency without penalty or a cancellation fee.

We do not and may not require or request our clients sign waivers of potential liability for losses of personal injury, or waivers of any rights of our clients established in state or federal law.

Graham & Graham LLC provides information and care options to seniors and their families. Graham & Graham LLC does not make recommendations – we offer options and make referrals. We do not charge a fee to our clients or their representatives, as we are contracted with hundreds of senior care providers, who agree to pay us a referral fee.

We serve in a dual agency relationship with responsibilities of offering information and options to our clients or their legal representatives, while receiving funding from the housing or care provider for making referrals. This fee is based on an agreement that our agency and the housing community or care provider have agreed upon. The fee ranges from 20%-100% of one month’s rent, depending on type of referral.  20% is monthly fee charged for respite and hospice stays up to five months, 100% of one month’s rent and care charges with assisted living, and 50% of the first month’s rent and care charges, and third month’s rent and care charges for adult family home move ins.

Our contracts with the providers mandate that no part of the fee can be passed on to the resident, and that residents referred by Graham & Graham LLC will be charged based on the provider’s standard published rates. If the resident is moving to an Adult Family Home then the first payment is made by the provider within 10 days of move in and the second payment is due 70 days after move in. If the resident moves to an Assisted Living or Independent Living the payment is due 30 days after move in. Should the client move out within 30 days for any reason, our agency shall refund the provider, based on a prorated rate for the duration of the client’s stay.

Provider facilities are typically toured prior to referral by a representative of Graham & Graham LLC, and property profiles are maintained and updated at least annually.  At the time of providing referrals to clients, Graham & Graham LLC will inform our clients in writing or by electronic means if the property has been toured, and if so, the most recent date that a tour took place.

Graham & Graham LLC must receive the client’s authorization to obtain or disclose confidential health care information that includes identifying information.

A complaint of violations of the provisions in the “Elder and Vulnerable Adult Referral Agency Act” may be filed with the Attorney General’s office.

Attorney General Phone: Mon-Fri, 10am to 3pm, (360) 753-6200 1-800-551-4636 (in state only) 1-800-833-6384 (for hearing impaired) 1-206-464-6684 (out of state callers)

Office of the Attorney General, 1125 Washington Street SE, PO Box 40100, Olympia, WA 98504-0100

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