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Call Toll Free Today

A phone call is all it takes to have your questions answered and options explained.

  1. You can reach us via telephone or email. 1-888-217-1655
  2. We can discuss your needs and/or your loved one’s needs,  and ask questions regarding:

Clinical Needs – Level of Care Needed
If you are unsure, we can help you figure out what level/type of care is likely best, by asking you some key questions, based on our experience.

Financial Needs 
We will educate you regarding typical costs for types of care, and benefits or resources that may be available to help pay for care.

Personal Needs and Preferences
We want to know what’s important to you and/or your loved one!  Do you have pets, what have your hobbies been, are you social and enjoy activities, or do you prefer quiet?  What has brought you great enjoyment in life?

Geographic Location
Our goal is to help ensure that your valuable time is used only for those options that make the most sense for your personal situation and geographic area.

We can narrow your search from potentially hundreds of care options in an area, to those 4-5 that have availability, and meet your criteria of care levels, finances, and personal preferences!

  1. Once we have completed a 10-15 minute phone conversation with you, we will be able to provide you with appropriate options and resources.
  2. With your approval, we will contact care providers, verify availability, discuss your needs, and make introductions. If you prefer, you may contact them directly.  We will provide you with tools to evaluate the properties you visit.

We are available to help you brainstorm and answer any additional questions, every step of the way!

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